Adult Braces

I am going to start documenting my braces journey as an adult. So for any of you who are going to get braces, are thinking about them or are just curious, come say "hi" and see how I get on.

The story is likely to be familiar to many people I guess; I was meant to get braces as a child but ended up chickening out. I was already wearing glasses and sporting a geek-like atmosphere, and cared a whole lot about what other people thought. So here I am in my twenties getting braces to fix my wonky teeth.

I opted for the Damon Clear braces as that was what my Orthodontist recommended. I was keen on the idea of getting Invisalign but it would be more expensive and take a lot longer. The Damon Clear braces are better for more overcrowded teeth as they are good at expanding the teeth. The expanding of my teeth means that I am hopefully fingers crossed not going to have any teeth out during this process.

The process of putting them on wasn't painful at all and relatively quick. I found that it wasn't too painful afterwards either but for the first eight weeks I only had my top braces on as my teeth were so overcrowded they needed expanding first to get the bottom brackets on.

Below is the picture I took of my teeth today, exactly two months since I had them on. I took this photo just before I had my second Orthodontist appointment, to put my bottom braces on.

Are you thinking of getting braces?! Or are you wearing braces?



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