I’m Rhian and this blog, Rhianxo, is a creative outlet for my ceramics, fashion and everything in-between. I am constantly inspired by fashion bloggers and have been following some for years. After much deliberation - being terrified to put myself out there - I decided what the heck, why not, and decided to join the blogging community and hopefully inspire some people the way others have inspired me.

I studied philosophy at university and after that I have drifted from job to job not really having a sense of direction. So one day I decided to (heeding my mum’s advice) enroll on an evening ceramic course. Ever since then I’ve been in love with ceramics. I find creating ceramics so therapeutic - even if my pots have exploded in the Kiln again (ahaha...ha...ha... *sigh*). So this blog will also be a journal of my ceramic art, and how I have created my pieces using different techniques and methods I have learnt along the way.  I still have heaps to learn about ceramics, so I wanted to create a space where I can write down the methods that I think have worked for me, and maybe hopefully get some advice from other ceramicists.

If you love fashion and ceramics I hope you will feel right at home.

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