Feeling Christmassy

The first snow day this winter! I feel like it hasn't snowed in Britain around December for years. We went to the park and it looked so picturesque - and when anything looks picturesque it needs documenting for the 'gram'. My love for winter flowers and velvet meant that when I saw this top in Urban Outfitters it ticked all the right boxes for me. 

So far this winter I hadn't been feeling very festive. Our flat is very small and there isn't really any space for storage, so very little Christmas decorations went up this year.  Around Christmas time I find there's  pressure to buy lots of stuff I don't necessarily need and it doesn't make me feel good. I try and get around this by writing lots of lists of things I want to buy people so I don't end up getting too much.  

Today with the snow and finally having a day off with my boyfriend, I was beginning to feel a bit more festive. Me and my boyfriend went to the pub, sat by the fire and had a hot meal. I can all honestly say I was so cosy especially after taking these photos I had got SO cold that I didn't think I would be able to move again. Hope you guys are having a good weekend. 



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