5 Tips for a long haul flight

Upgrade!! if it’s a seriously long flight by hook or by crook get that legroom it's worth every penny. If you haven't upgraded, like me flying from Los Angeles to London, (10 hours wahhh) check out these tips to make it easier.  

  • Make a playlist of relaxing sleep inducing music so you can just listen to music relax and hopefully fall asleep easily.
  • Buy some noise-cancelling headphones, sleep mask and a head cushion so you can zone out. Also you can put them in to watch the films on board making the film much better sound quality than the free ones you get on the flight.
  • Take your shoes off and put some warm comfy socks on and basically wear an outfit that is as comfy as pajamas.
  • Bring a bottle of water to keep nice and hydrated.  I was worried thinking I didn't want to go to the toilet in fact it was one of the highlights actually getting up from the seat and walking around.
  • Think carefully if you would prefer an aisle seat or window seat. if you want to sleep uninterrupted go for a window seat if you know you will need the toilet quite a bit maybe go for the aisle seat.

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