The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon can be described as one of the natural wonders of the world or as a taxi driver said when I told him where I was going 'just a big old hole I don't want to fall down'. So with these phrases in my mind I found myself on the road to visit the Grand canyon whilst I was staying in Las Vegas.

One of my biggest recommendations for anyone wanting to visit the Grand Canyon is to do research into what part of the Canyon you would like to visit. Before I went I had no idea how many 'rims' there were. I went to the South Rim of the Canyon and it is by far the most impressive and by many locals opinion the best.

The tour I took was with a company called maverick and it was really good. First there was a plane to the South Rim (about half hour) and from the plane you can see the Hoover Dam, then we took a helicopter all around the South Rim to soak up the views. Then we had lunch and a look around which is where I took the photos above. It was hot but a lifetime experience under the belt, that I would definitely encourage my friends to go.

You can also choose to do other tours such as mule rides across the canyon and rafting through the Colorado river which sounds really fun (if I had known I would have done the mule ride).

I did enjoy going to the Grand Canyon the sight was spectacular but I probably wouldn't go again I was very ready to head back as after a while I found myself thinking I hope 'I don't fall down this big old hole'.



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