Get away from me hair

When I was younger my mum's advice for me was to wax. This was because the results lasted longer and the hairs (unlike in shaving)  wouldn't grow back darker, blacker and meaner. The only downside with waxing is the length you need to grow the hair before you can do it. This led me to me shaving occasionally especially wearing trousers that are slightly cropped and when you sit down they go even higher to reveal  (gulp) my fuzzy legs!!

After many years resulting in me shaving in the morning then seeing the same hairs again in the evening left me feeling a bit frustrated. Having asked the internet a lot of people were recommending to epilate. It is SO much better then shaving. It keeps the hairs at bay for longer and I have found they don't come back as dark. The only downside is it can be painful, I have found in particular under the armpits. 

I have the epilator Braun Silk Epil 5 which I really like you have to plug it in and then dry shave. I have heard the Braun Silk Epil 9 is good as you can use it combined with water which might make it less painful. The Epil 9 you have to make sure you charge it whereas the Epil 5 is good to go anytime when you plug it in so I personally prefer that. 

I have found amazon do some cheap deals for epilators.



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