My Ceramic Journal

I first started ceramics when I was a child on a Saturday morning class that my mum (randomly) enrolled me on.

Ever since then I have loved ceramics, being creative and handling clay is very therapeutic for me and gives me so much joy. Now as an adult I have decided to take up ceramics again and I have started an open access ceramic studio called Turning Earth. I thought I would share my ceramic journey on to becoming a ceramicist full time.

The plate I pictured above is a plate I made from a press mould in an evening class in Camden Working Mans College. I do really enjoy the press moulding technique (I just need to learn how to create a plaster press mould) as its quick, simple and the mould can be used multiple times. I used a back end of a paint brush to engrave the surface of the plate. The plate turned out much better than I thought particularly the engraving. Then I dipped the plate into a white matte glaze which isn't suitable to eat off so the plate is purely decoration.

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