Five things that I have learnt from blogging

A few things I have learnt since starting to blog routinely:

1. Lots of cups of coffee will be bought for the photographer (*ahem* thanks Mum). Yes this small blog is a two person band when it comes to the outfit photos. There is the occasional fall out - how did my mum not realise I had lipstick on my tooth throughout one whole shoot!? I am, ultimately, so grateful to my mum!!

2. Even if your photographer isn't a professional that is fine (my mum sure isn't). Anyone can take some good blogging shots as long as they have the patience to take millions. Then the laws of probability means some of them will turn out good (even if it's all the ones with your mouth shut, as there is lipstick on your teeth).

3. There are some times when I really don't feel like taking photographs of myself because of "insert whatever insecurities that I am having at the time". Most of the time if I just try and think positive and push the insecurities out. I feel so much better for having pushed myself and not give in to self-doubt.

4. Don't compare yourself to others (bit cliche but so true)!! Many a day I have done a bit of wallowing in self pity because of comparison.

5. Its expensive!! As a very small blogger (shout out to my three follows). I don't get sent any clothes from PR companies. That is why you may see a lot of the same clothes.


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