I really enjoy this time of year. An excuse to get a blanket out and read a good book whilst drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate. I actually really enjoy Halloween and dressing up, I feel its the one time that I can dress up like a lunatic and its socially acceptable. This Halloween caught me a bit off guard, time went so quickly and I just didn't get myself a Halloween costume organised. 

It is going to be a quiet one this year, I am probably going to be watching "That 70's Show" with a blanket draped over me (no regrets). This outfit nods to Halloween but can be worn all winter. Oh and I am wearing shoes just some black pumps, it does seem from certain angles that I have no shoes on (haha). 

One of my favourite things to eat around Halloween is pumpkin cake- its delicious. I really fancy trying out pumpkin curry as well. 



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